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adorbs :D

I wana see some topless jrockers

because I’m feeling frisky ;D


The Maury Povich show, proving anyone will fuck stupid people.

"Maury he got 20 kids that he never had anything to do with thats why I fucked him unprotected."

whose this guy o3o


Kitten can’t walk but learns with a walker - Tails of Survival

An adorable black and white Kitten with a neurological disorder couldn’t walk, but relearned how to use his back legs by using a walker every day. 
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Thumper was rescued out of a yard filled with animals left abandoned and neglected. Thumper would have died for sure, because it was soon discovered, he couldn’t walk because of a neurological disorder. His Foster mom, had a walker custom built for him and it immediately improved his walking. Thumper learned to walk and rehabilitated by some therapy and sessions in his walker every day. After a few weeks, he was running. Now he just needs his forever home. 

Steve and his old man clothes

looks like the dude on the bounty  paper towels

can someone explain this Michelle Phan deal?

so she’s being sued for copy right songs, well what I’m suspicious of is how she and others like Bethany Mota gets to use 2 minute samples of copyright songs without any “buy this song on itunes ” crap at the bottom but a regular user use 10 seconds of the same song and “Buy this song on itunes” and 60 ads will appear thru out the video. I guess when you’re a partner, youtube “overlooks” copyright songs. These labels don’t.